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Northern Lehigh Future Focus
I Spy Contest
I Spy Contest
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I Spy Contest Has Begun!

Look up, down, and all around in Slatington & Walnutport along Main Street and try to find and identify the locations depicted in close up photos! That is the idea behind a new contest sponsored by Northern Lehigh Future Focus in cooperation with the Northern Valley Gazette. Contest begins Wednesday October 5. Deadline to enter is Tuesday November 1. Pictures are also on display at the Slatington Library, on Facebook on the Northern Lehigh Future Focus page, or the website One hint: all the photos are the items depicted in the photos can be found along main street in Slatington and Walnutport. Photos identified and winners announced at 6pm on Monday November 7 at the Slatington Library. Refreshments will be served. Prizes to be awarded are as follows: 1st $50, 2nd $25 and 3rd place will receive an Images of America Book of Slatington, Walnutport and Washington Township. Registration forms available at Slatington Borough Hall, Walnutport Borough Hall, D.L. Stevens Antiques, Slatington Library, Northern Valley Gazette, Galio’s Market and on the above listed website and Facebook pages. Members of NL Future Focus and their immediate family are not eligible to participate. For more information call (610) 767-7626.  View the first 10 photos above and then view the remaining 10 photos on our Facebook page, fill out and print out the entry form.  We regret not being able to post all 20 photos as we have exceeded our website's storage space.   Good luck!

I Spy Contest Entry Form

Identify the exact location of the photos on display at the Slatington Library, in the October 6 edition of the Northern Valley Gazette, the Northern Lehigh Future Focus Facebook page or at the future focus website

Contest begins October 5, 2011 and deadline to enter is Tuesday November 1. Registration forms may be dropped off at the Slatington Library, D.L. Stevens Antiques, emailed to or mailed to Northern Lehigh Future Focus, P.O. Box 243 Slatington, PA 18080

Contest Rules: Rules are simple...Contestants need to identify the exact location of each picture and write down either the physical address or the name of the business depicted in each picture. In the event of a tie, a random drawing will be held to determine the winners. Members of Northern Lehigh Future Focus and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.

Photo Numbers:

1)___________________________ 11)_________________________

2) ___________________________ 12)_________________________

3)____________________________ 13)_________________________

4)____________________________ 14)_________________________

5)____________________________ 15)_________________________

6)____________________________ 16)_________________________

7)____________________________ 17)_________________________

8)____________________________ 18)_________________________

9)____________________________ 19)_________________________

10)____________________________ 20)_________________________



Phone #__________________________________________

*Photos identified and winners announced at 6pm on Monday November 7 at a reception at the Slatington Library, 650 Main Street, Slatington. Refreshments will be served.*